Diptychs, Triptychs, and a Video

Creating a diptych and a triptych, then reacting to a documentary.

This week, I was mainly tasked with creating two sets of photos. One being a diptych, and the other being a triptych. Below are the pictures I created.

(Below) The diptyd, featuring my new skateboard and mask.

For this one, I wanted the distinct black and white and graphical designs in both photos present to tie them together, along with the hint of pink cast over the white portions by my studio’s LED lighting.

(Below) The triptyd, showcasing some of my house’s light sources.

For the cohesion of my triptych, I mainly was trying to do some cool low exposure shots, and thus found my way to creating this. My idea was that the radiant yellow glow of all the lights would make all the separate shots would strongly link them all.

Everybody Street Reaction & Thoughts

The very first reaction I had to this documentary was one of relaxed joy, as the man speaking first, Joel Meyerowitz, makes photography something casual and natural in a way. He describes it as just capturing some kind of emotion or something physical. I really tapped into this, as photography is art after all, not merely learning to operate an (often) expensive hunk of metal and glass.

I also more personally related to this attitude towards photography because my general style is to photograph everyday objects and things and spin them into something often fantastical looking. I like focusing too on the normal, commonplace things and people.

Taking the rest of the documentary in, my final impression and takeaway is that photography really isn’t just a form of art, but also of historical engaging documentation. the photographers interviewed told such amazing of fun and also thrilling or scary stories of days long past that contributed to their unique and distinctly vintage feeling photos. This really made me aware of how, as one of the photographers said, things will just happen around you and make you want to get out your camera and film. This documentary really shined a light on how perfect photography subjects the aspects and goings-on of everyday life are. After watching this I feel like I’m consciously going to bring my camera with me more often to places.

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