Outdoor Fieldtrip

Casually wandered into the territory of a mountain lion for some pictures….

Prompted to wander around outside with not-too-many expectations, I immediately knew I had to revisit one of my former favorite parks. Right behind my elementary school, I pulled into the parking lot at 6:25 am. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay long. Though, I did stay long enough to get a few shots of my mother on a swing set sort of side lit as she faced the rising sun … and stayed long enough to find very large and freshly made paw prints in the sandbox, follow them towards grass and a fence, and find what looked to be mountain lion fur tufts on the grass next to said fence and where it separated the park from the creek. Deciding that my life was not worth a handful of pictures, I booked it to the Miramar Overlook Park to much more safely take pictures. Thank goodness I left, the lighting there was lovely!

At this new park, I found that the sun being slightly higher made the plant life, still bejeweled with glistening morning dew, even more vibrant! I attempted to take advantage of this to take some texture focused shots with back and front lighting. These were rather easy, as I was able to kneel down to take them and keep my camera steady. When I attempted to take some framing shots of monkey bars however, it wasn’t so easy. I had to raise my camera higher than I was comfortable, so I changed my plans and focused on using the shadows from backlighting to put focus on the winding leading lines created by the bars.

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