Environmental Portraits

And “SILVER & LIGHT” reaction

This week, I shadowed one of my parents at work in the morning and took pictures of them and their coworkers

I was quite limited in my options in terms of people I could meet with in person and take pictures of. I wanted to get some workplace pictures, but one of my parents works in a secured area, and thus I could not shadow them. I don’t really have any friends or relatives currently in town either that I could picture, so the only obvious choice left was my other parent.

At three in the morning, I drove with my mom to one of the local branches of the US Postal Service and followed her into the vehicle maintenance and administration area and met with some of her coworkers, who, prior to us leaving the house, gave me permission to come in and photograph them. It was quite difficult, as the vehicle maintenance bay was biting cold and had a harsh draft, which naturally makes previously shaky hands even shakier! But, all in all, it was a fun experience.

Commentary on “SILVER & LIGHT” Video

This short little video was really interesting, given how it was essentially an artist just explaining how he goes about his work and showing how his passion has taken him on a photographical journey. I really admire how the photographer focusses on not just forming a particular shot, but actually capturing moments in time he likes. I think that this is important in all types of art, including photography, as any type of art is essentially a portrayal of the artist’s thoughts while working. In photography, even if the photos are portraits of another person, this comes across in how the actual shots are taken. This video was also pretty “peaceful” to watch, as it made photography look like a simple fun hobby without pressure to please. This was altogether a very enjoyable watch.

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