Photo Story — Old Town SD

To create a photo story this week, I brought my camera with me as my family walked around Old Town San Diego and did some light ghost hunting.

In an effort to boost spirits and get a good amount of steps in, my family decided to go walk at Old Town. We hadn’t been there for years, and so decided to go and have a fun day. Additionally, my father and I wanted to get some EMF readings around the area since Old Town capitalizes off its hauntings. Unfortunately, picture taking during this went haywire, thus did not make the final cut. The pictures I did include however, I intended to have show my parents having fun and just having a merry day together. Everyone in my family is a foodie, and so I wanted to make sure something edible made it into the pictures. One more thing I hoped to include in this photo story was how the whole story spanned the majority of the day, starting in the early morning, then into the afternoon. I think this did show through, due to the darker lighting but softer shadows in the first pictures and the harsher shadows but more bold and vibrant sunlight in the final picture and pictures.

Prickly pear lemonade was just the thing to cool off after a long walk — and getting some very very weird EMF readings from the Whaley House. My mom walked away from us with our phones (on airplane mode) and other electronics (save for my father’s camera and our EMF reader. My father and I walked around the Whaley House, getting very strong EMF readings particularly around the front tree, occasionally the windows, and the backyard (away from the building, but facing towards it). Our meter spiked, going suddenly from 0.0 all the way up to 6.89 at times, with sudden temperature dips of 1-2 degrees Celsius. We concluded that the weird readings next to the house were simply due to inside electronics like alarms, or devices inside actually meant to make EMF readers go off and scare guests. However, the tree? We couldn’t explain it. There didn’t appear to be any electronics in or on it, and no one was near us who could have had an active phone on them. Weird.

I’m curious, do you believe in ghosts?

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