print(“Final: Photo Book”)

Since the recent and ongoing global pandemic has put mental health in the limelight, I thought putting a more personal and personally-brutally-honest twist on the story idea of “the creation of a project” would be an interesting move. It was hard to put together, personally and technically, but here goes nothing!

^ Le livre ^ ^ The book ^

I absolutely love creating art, however, for the past year or two I have been fighting with mental health. I’ve grown over that time to the point where I simply need to fight my own inner doubt in order to work on my projects. It’s still tough, though, and this project aimed to showcase that struggle against my mental health as I work on creating a collaborative comic project.


This book was rather hard to create, as in order for me to make the book feel as personal to me as it was, I posed a partner and took the pictures I wanted and set the camera up and directed them step by step to take pictures of me in the same pose. I also had a hard time shooting pictures in my studio, as it is always somewhat dim. So, keeping the camera steady to compensate for slower shutter speeds was key. To try and aid this I did use a tripod, however it was somewhat unwieldly due to its age and subsequent flimsiness (resulting in some painful finger catching and pinching on the joints that led to the halting of shooting on some days).

Some main focusses in this photo book were color, texture, and perspective. I used color, and the lack of it, to illustrate the ebbing and flowing of my drive and ability to work. Texture was often showcased in drawing shots to really ground the scene and make the drawings, which were the focus of all the shots they were included in, pop out more to the viewer. Perspective was used very often to illustrate sources of pressure are and how intimidating time can be to me. I shifted back and forth between closer and farther and upward angles to demonstrate this cyclical enemy/foe relationship I have with time in this story.

The way I went about composing and editing this book was heavily inspired by pop culture, especially the movie Soul by Pixar. I am an aspiring animator/character artist, and so have always looked up to animated movies. Soul specifically inspired my usage of color and hand-centric shots. In said movie hands are centric to the main character’s passion of music, and so have very lovely closeups at numerous points in the movie. I tried to do something similar. In the movie, vivid colors were shown around people when they were “in the Zone” and enraptured by their passions. So, I tried to do something similar and take it a little further by having color fade away as passion did.

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