Color me happy it’s just about summer vacation time!

(Not sorry for the awful line)

To practice putting emphasis on color, I chose to photograph my friend at Belmont Park to tell a somewhat cheesy “beachy” “summertime” mood-story.

For the first of these shots, I really wanted the summer theme to be strong, so I wanted to focus on portraying the feeling of nice warm summer sunshine. This meant that I had to make sure the shot was bright and mostly included yellowish colors (accomplished by showing plenty of sand and also adjusting the tint of the picture in post. I feel like this turned out rather nicely.

For my second color shot of my friend, I got some somewhat retro notions from her outfit, especially because I recalled her being in our highschool’s production of Grease. So I thought it would be interesting and somewhat fit that retro feeling if I photographed her relaxing against a brick wall. This gave me a “bruiser” sort of feeling. In regards to color though, I still wanted to incorporate a bright and sunny but differently summer-y feeling into the picture, so I drew inspiration from her shirt and strawberries. I adjusted the color grading of the highlights to lean more into reds, and drawing inspiration from her jeans, adjusted the color grading of the highlights to be slightly blue. Overall though I did tint the picture slightly yellow. I think this was fairly effective, and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

For my final color-oriented picture I decided to try to mimic the coloring of the vintage postcards I’ve always loved because to me those postcards always screamed summer. I noticed that these postcards, when including the sky, appeared cyan and there were always large amounts of greenish orange and burnt ochre yellows. I tried to mimic this by tinting the shadows orange and the highlights green-light-blue, and the overall picture slightly yellow. I am very happy with the result.

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