Proof of Photography: Reflection

A brief reflection on National Geographic’s “Proof: The Photographers on Photography”

This video was actually touching to me, in a way. I already acknowledged how meaningful and impactful a photo can be, but to be reminded of it is just as beautiful again. I use the turn beautiful because it does make taking pictures, and knowing how to manipulate the things at one’s disposal to take complete control of their shots’ potential, feel so gratifying and, to a degree, powerful.

Though I do generally prefer taking pictures that don’t document so much as illustrate a narrative or feeling, and never have used photography to capture historically important moments, this video makes me look at my pictures more fondly. One man in the video specifically expressed that, to him, photos help him show people how a tiny green beetle is as magnificent as a grizzly bear. I really related to this since my pictures often have menial subjects. Often I feel like, because of this, my pictures don’t really have much worth (not monetary), and so am very doubtful when editing them whether or not they’ll even turn out likeable. Really, really often this semester I struggled to embrace my pictures and be confident in them and my ideas. But, this video helped to repair my confidence.

All in all, a fantastic watch.

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