Color me happy it’s just about summer vacation time! (Not sorry for the awful line) To practice putting emphasis on color, I chose to photograph my friend at Belmont Park to tell a somewhat cheesy “beachy” “summertime” mood-story. For the first of these shots, I really wanted the summer theme to be strong, so IContinue reading “Color”


Drawing lines in the sand …not in that way, though. Just thought it sounded right because “beach.” To attempt practicing Pictorialism (and color, later in the day,) I enlisted the help of my friend Katt as a model. Rather than going by a book for a theme initially, I chose to look to our sharedContinue reading “Pictorialism”

MOPA Visit

With my family, I visited the Museum of Photographic Arts in person. Before entering, and upon initial arrival, I thought I would like the “Illusion: The Magic of Motion” exhibit the most, because I thought I’d be predisposed to do so since I’m a bit of a lover of movies and movie history and alsoContinue reading “MOPA Visit”

print(“Final: Photo Book”)

Since the recent and ongoing global pandemic has put mental health in the limelight, I thought putting a more personal and personally-brutally-honest twist on the story idea of “the creation of a project” would be an interesting move. It was hard to put together, personally and technically, but here goes nothing! https://www.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/9186043/430b4032151a0ee1122952c68a90a787064baa04 ^ Le livreContinue reading “print(“Final: Photo Book”)”

Vegas Night Photo Walk

During Spring Break, I was with my family out of town. The timing of this assignment was great, as the Vegas strip is known worldwide for its bright neon lights and its hustle and bustle. Because of the high winds that were present during my family’s brief stay in the gambling capital of the world,Continue reading “Vegas Night Photo Walk”

Outdoor Fieldtrip

Casually wandered into the territory of a mountain lion for some pictures…. Prompted to wander around outside with not-too-many expectations, I immediately knew I had to revisit one of my former favorite parks. Right behind my elementary school, I pulled into the parking lot at 6:25 am. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay long. Though, I didContinue reading “Outdoor Fieldtrip”


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